Who is Sugar Mama?



Welcome! My name is Selena and I am a fully certified Body Sugaring practitioner through Alexandria Professional. Sugar Mama Body Sugaring is a fully licensed, registered and health inspected Body Sugaring Studio located in Chestermere, Alberta, Canada.


Why Choose Sugar Mama?

This is the kind of service you want from someone who knows what they are doing AND can connect with you and make you comfortable during your experience. If there's anything I'm good at, it's helping you feel comfortable in your own smooth skin.
Sugar Mama Body Sugaring is committed to community development and your visit can help. For more information on how, check out Sugar Mama's initiatives this year.

Community Initiatives

Why I Chose Sugaring

Sometimes life happens unexpectedly and you can either choose to go with the flow or fight the current. So when life's tide came in unexpectedly for me, as it does, and I was offered an amazing opportunity, I decided to enjoy the ride for once.
After studying under an Alexandria Professional trainer, I started the slow transition from my decade long career as a social worker to a... hair removal specialist?! Right... it doesn't track. But somehow all the reasons I became a social worker began to align with this new path and there was no doubt that life up until now had kind of prepared me for exactly this. So with my social worker roots and genuine desire to help people and my incredible support network, I built a beautiful sugaring studio in my home, so I could live my dreams of working from home and being with people.